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Desserts made in house by Pastry Chef Tara Kenyon.
Ask your server for today's featured ice creams and sorbets!

$8.50Spring Rolls

Strawberry Cheesecake spring roll & a Chocolate Banana Split Spring Roll.

$9.00Lemon Tart

With salted caramel ice cream.(GF)

$7.00Pear Toffee Crumble

Slow cooked pears in a sticky toffee sauce served with butter pecan ice-cream. (GF)

$7.00Rice Pudding

Lychee rice pudding, served with blood oranges, anglaise, and white balsamic reduction. (GF)

$4.00Ice Cream Sampler

Ask your server about today's flavors.


Vietnamese Coffee, Hot Tea, Espresso, Cappuccino and Lattes.


Foro Amaro, Calvados VSOP, Grand Marnier, Benedictine and Fernet.